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DescriptionGeNNex Solar is a global commercial business that operates with a deep social foundation, founded by award winning entrepreneurs and engineers, the focus is to innovate on modern technology and use it to be a force for good, meeting the needs of every individual. We bring a wide selection off grid solar energy solutions to both low/middle income and corporate customers. We specialise prodominantly within the 5W - 200 KW Energy sector. Ranging from Solar Chargers, Solar Lanterns to home power systems and micro-grids. Gennex is an innovative, renewable energy company that operates with a deep social foundation. We produce solar products that charge phone devices and provide power to homes, using our off grid systems. A huge focus of our work is on empowering communities – we do this by teaching them how to build, assemble and maintain our devices, and by doing so, create a workforce that supports commercial sales, while providing education, learning and jobs. We also teach STEM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in schools, where young people who are disengaged with science are taught how to build solar lanterns. These are then shipped out to partner schools in Africa whose pupils have no light. But this is just an overview – we are combing technologies to create greater impact in lots of other areas too. We aim to create a disruptive impact on five levels: Gender equality Climate Change Energy poverty Youth unemployment Education and entrepreneurship
Organization Type Corporate Firm, Development Organization, Non-profit Organization, Small and Medium Company ( SMEs )
Organization SizeAfrica
Areas of Activities


    Solar Power

      Rural Electrification



          Solar Invesment/Funding

          We are looking for a funder to invest in our company. Seeking Trade finance as we already have contracts.

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          Solar Distributor

          We are looking for a distributor in Kenya and also trade partners for distribution and sales of our products.

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