Matthias Hermes

Director of Sales EMEA
Aquion Energy

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.30 pm - 04.00 pm
  • 04.30 pm - 06.00 pm
DescriptionAquion Energy is the manufacturer of proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) batteries and battery systems for long-duration stationary energy storage applications. Aquion’s Aspen line of batteries are optimized for daily deep cycling for residential solar, green architecture, off-grid and microgrid, energy management, and grid-scale applications. Aquion’s high-performance, safe, sustainable and cost-effective batteries deliver reliability and value for customers. The company’s battery systems provide flexible, modular energy storage that enables broad adoption of renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and optimization of existing grid-tied generation assets. For more information, visit
Organization Type Small and Medium Company ( SMEs )
Organization SizeAfrica
Areas of Activities

Solar Power


      Battery / Energy Storage

        Rural Electrification



            Partnerships with distributors and system integrators

            Aquion offers partnerships with distributors and system integrators in Africa who are interested in a clean, safe, cost-effective, temperature tolerant and maintenance free battery technology based on salt water