Kevin Gaitho

Business Development Director
Equatorial Energies

Bilateral Meetings

  • 04.30 pm - 06.00 pm
DescriptionEquatorial Energies’ engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to customers. We offer project management from initial stages of study to engineering, procurement, construction, monitoring, operations and maintenance ensuring longevity of the system. Our list of services include: • Feasibility studies • Project design • Procurement • Project Development • Consultancy • Construction • Customer training • Networks and communication systems • Testing and commissioning • Monitoring and Evaluation • Operation and maintenance Our team is dedicated to providing quality services while upholding the high standards of professionalism. In EQ we put safety before megawatts by ensuring safety first in design, development and execution of our services.
Organization Type Small and Medium Company ( SMEs )
Organization SizeAfrica
Areas of Activities

Solar Power


      Battery / Energy Storage

        Rural Electrification


            Offer & Request

            Precision Energy Management

            Equatorial energies is a SME that offers the services of project development with an additional effect of capacity building, maximising energy efficiency, sustainability, and ensuring all our projects are in line with the sustainable development goals.

            We are offering this service to any firm with the agenda to implement utility scale and commercial solar PV plants in East Africa.

            We are requesting for partners, who can fund the initiative and who believe in the idea of captive power, powered by solar.