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Chief Revenue Officer

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DescriptionAirsynergy provides innovative renewable and reliable clean energy solutions
Organization Type Small and Medium Company ( SMEs )
Organization SizeCaribbean
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              Turbines & HVAC product

              Our solution
              1. Total Energy Solution (TES) – The TES is the complete low cost energy generation and storage solution offering total renewable, reliable and affordable energy independence 24 hours a day. The system is comprised of a turbine which has augmenter technology incorporated within the blade strongly increasing its output and efficiency. The TES does not require connection to power grids as it can be supplied with a full power storage solution. The TES can also include an optional facility for water harvesting and treatment.
              2. Air Extraction Unit (PAVEL) – The PAVEL passively extracts air when connected to heating, cooling or ventilation systems. As a result, it lowers HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systems’ energy consumption by up to 50%. The PAVEL has no moving parts and is therefore virtually maintenance free.
              3. Hybrid Street Light (RPU) – The RPU is the most powerful hybrid solution on the market and works reliably in low wind resource areas. It enables both urban environments and remote locations globally to enjoy a renewable, reliable lighting and electronic device charging solution completely free from an external power source.