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Fluidic Energy
DescriptionFluidic Energy invented the rechargeable Zinc Air battery, and has since then added the “Apple” like vertically integrated system, with in-house developed software, hardware, battery, and controls all on a single platform providing seamless integration and a plug and play “whole product” solution In 2015 Fluidic launched the worlds first “hybrid” architecture, enabling seamless integration Lithium and Zinc-Air batteries, providing our customers with a solution that leverages the best of their respective power and energy capabilities. Fluidic now holds more than 100 world wide patents and continues to expand its IP portfolio
Organization Type Corporate Firm
Organization SizeAfrica
Areas of Activities

Battery / Energy Storage

    Rural Electrification


      Partner on Off-Grid Minigrid projects with Energy Storage

      We have extensive understanding of minigrid development in Africa and Asia and want to work with developers to partner and have the ability to develop long term project partnerships