Maria Yetano Roche

Wuppertal Institute - Wisions Programme

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.30 pm - 04.00 pm
  • 04.30 pm - 06.00 pm
DescriptionThe WISIONS initiative has been actively promoting the introduction of sustainable energy solutions and resource efficiency since it was launched in 2004. The main objective of WISIONS is to make clean energy a default solution for basic energy needs in developing regions, by helping local partners to identify successes and bring them to scale through regional networks, marketing and demonstration.
Organization Type Academia / Research Institute
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Areas of Activities

Hydro Power

    Wind Power

      Solar Power


          Battery / Energy Storage

            Bio Diesel Back-up

              Rural Electrification



                  Supporting practitioners in the field

                  Wisions aims to empower local practitioners to identify and scale successful models and techniques in their regional contexts. It also supports the interaction between practitioners with experience in the implementation of decentralised renewable energy solutions.

                  Keywords: knowledge networksdelivery modelscommunity-based
                  Cooperation Offered
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