Guy Van den Bossche

Business Developer
Nizet - CFE EcoTech

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Our focus is to develop mini grids (Stand alone or connected) on the basis of  (low cost) energy produced by our Low Head small hydro power units. (200 kW to 3 MW).

Our customers: local communities or villages / rural electrification authorities / power consuming businesses in remote area running on Diesel generators.

Our client should be located arround rivers with water flow above +/- 10 m³/s (also in dry season to increase payback of invesmtent) having small existing weirs (3 to 10 meters dam) or rapids with about 5 to 10 meter level variation.

We assist to provide the financing for the turnkey package including : hydro power scheme + the complete mini network till the consumer (+ substation to grid if required) + power storage (or Energy mix) for peak consumption and network stability if needed + mobile prepaid electricity solution to be implemented.

Our solutions provide the cheapest energy for rural electrification.


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Hydro Power


      Battery / Energy Storage

        Rural Electrification


            Offer & Request

            Reliable low head hydropower including energy distribution network

            We offer turnkey solutions to provide rural communities with reliable low cost energy, using run off the river small hydropower up to 2 MW. Generation and distribution.