Philip Possin

Sales and Business Development
OPES Solutions GmbH

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DescriptionOPES manufacturers and designs solar modules for Solar Pico, Solar Home and PAYG Systems in the field of rural electrification as well as customized solar application modules for the innovative products of our clients. Based on their material and technical requirements we design the modules and then produce them in small and big volumes on our unique autmated production line. Examples are parking meters, street lights or marine and outdoor applications.
Organization Type Small and Medium Company ( SMEs ), Other
Organization SizeAfrica
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Solar Power

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          Solar Application Modules

          We meet all requirements for flexibility, efficiency, appearance, connectivity, and design of your individual solar module. We run our own high-end automated production line in China, unique in the world for its flexibility to produce solar modules ranging from 0.3Wp to 180Wp.

          Keywords: offgridcustomizedsolarqualityflexibilityautomatedsolarmodulepv
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